[PreICO] May 16, 2018 — May 30, 2018 [ICO] May 31, 2018 — October 1, 2018 Memority — Non-Standard Platform Using Users’ Hard Drives For Data Storage » HYIP.com

Nowadays, the problem of data storage is very relevant, since it is necessary to ensure the high safety of information and convenience in its use. Memories can be used in the field of finance, or just to store files. Already open projects that provide data storage using blockchain technology cannot be called complete. This is […]

LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains » HYIP.com

Billions of dollars from government and multinationals turn to automation solutions, such as BPMN, ERP and CRM. They effectively accelerate everyday processes. But the above solutions lose their meaning when interacting between organizations or departments. The LTO Network team has a new approach with the help of Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT). This technology will eliminate […]

NuCypher ICO — Blockchain’s Protection of Corporate Correspondence » HYIP.com

Most competitors from a list above don’t offer a decentralization option. The NuCypher project doesn’t have a single key holder, it is generated by the nodes. According to the developers’ interview, the sender needs to have about 2,000 tokens to create one node. In total two keys are created — public and private. Dual encryption […]

TerraGreen ICO — Selling Both Financial Benefits and Environmental Safety

TerraGreen ICO starts on January 21, 2019. A project’s team develops a platform for efficient use of green energy. Traditional energy sources harm the environment, but green or renewable energy sources either not or harm much less. The post TerraGreen ICO — Selling Both Financial Benefits and Environmental Safety appeared first on HYIP.com – Online […]

Tycoon ICO — Buying and Selling Forex Trading Skills » HYIP.com

We all can equally predict the future of certain currencies in the Forex market if we learn some strategies or follow the world news. We can also subscribe to news with forecasts. But this takes time to study, and install the necessary terminals on the computer, and spend time in front of the monitor, and […]

Asure ICO — Uniqueness, Security, Effectiveness of Solutions » HYIP.com

The financing projects process in the field of IT-technologies is encrypted in the ICO abbreviation, which means raising funds for the realisation of projects by selling cryptocurrency to potential investors. This digital technology is called crowdsale. The Azure network works on the Plasma platform, and uses the ASR service token, created as an Ethereum smart […]

Heroic ICO as a Way to Secure Your Data » HYIP.com

All Pre-ICO participants will receive a 20% discount on tokens. Shortly after closing public sales, Guardian will launch, the HEROIC.com cybersecurity platform based on the HEROIC token. Guardian will be universally available to all users. Guardian’s built-in functions seamlessly and anonymously send threat data to the HEROIC.com ecosystem for verification as a legitimate danger. Network […]

Nexxus Rewards – A World of Rewards for Shoppers, Merchants, and Communities » HYIP.com

One of the best ways to generate income in the cryptocurrency market is to receive dividend cryptocurrency tokens. Dividend tokens can provide their holders with constant passive financial returns. Cryptocurrency projects that create dividend tokens promise their owners that if they make a profit, the percentage of this profit will be shared with all token […]

ICO BitValve – New Platform For Traders

BitValve is a unique platform for traders. The prospect of a profitable investment in ICO is that the investor gets access to the instant purchase or sale of the cryptocurrency. Any method of payment can be used in the calculations. It can be a fiat or cryptocurrency. The advantage of the platform is high security […]

Investments in Crypto Commonwealth: How to Buy and Use Tokens » HYIP.com

If you wanted to find as much as possible detailed statement of team’s purposes or by some reason you haven’t understood the interface, it’s possible to direct request to authors. For this you are nececcary to have account and to write in the section FAQ on the site. Leading Crypto Commonwealth’s concept consists of weighed […]