— HYIP with Live Chat HYIP has been working since September 08, 2020. According to the website, the company receives profit from trading activity. Good investment strategy provides stable income for partners. The platform’s investor could receive 2.1% for 20 days or 1600% after 40 days. The total income based only on user’s start deposit and his risk appetite. […] Bad Way to Enhance a Sleeper Template »

Sleeping HYIP offers 1% as an affiliate reward in a single level affiliate program. Take note: This is the site where the user sees the name of his upline during registration. The partner can be sure that his referral will not register incorrectly by someone else’s link. It is also convenient for an investor who […] — HYIP with Fixed Price of Ad Profitable Shares »

Financial Part The minimal amount to deposit is $ 50. This amount goes to the internal account. The users can buy any of the contracts for money from this account. The maximum amount to deposit is no limited. I do not recommend investing much more than the price of the chosen contract. It is no […] Review [3% DLY for 90 days; R.C.10% – 2% – 1%] is a long-term HYIP that offers flexible investment plans with good management of the website. According to the website, the project has been operating almost 7 yeas, although the actual HYIP start time is August 2020. The post Review [3% DLY for 90 days; R.C.10% – 2% – 1%] appeared first on […] HYIP — Profit on Passive Trading » HYIP has been working since 15th July 2020. According to the website, the Coinoma team uses different trading bots to receiving a profit. The user, who want to receive a net profit and do not want to take care of purchasing a reliable trading bot, pay for the remote working server and servers for […] HYIP with Bank’s Template »

Financial Part HYIP accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH currencies. Minimal deposit also is based on kind of currency: $10, 0.0010 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 0.05 ETH. Due to the cryptocurrency payment systems, the location of the investor does not prevent him from joining the project. The investor, who used the plan with […] HYIP — The Piggy Bank For the High Profit » HYIP has been working since 01st July 2020. It is a piggy bank, where users could take principal back at any time with only a 10% fee. 10% is a standard commission for early deposit withdrawal in such kind of HYIPs. The last piggy bank in HYIP platform, which I remember was Anterius. That […] HYIP — The Most Stable Forever Plans For a Last Time »

Financial Part HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin. Minimal amount to withdraw is $ 1. So, investors need at least a $ 34 deposit to withdraw his accruals daily. The admin provides processing of withdrawal requests within about three hours. It could be pending on the weekend. The maximum time for processing the withdrawal request […]

Opixt HYIP: Solidtradebank Analogy »

Opixt HYIP has been working since August 01, 2019. At first, it starts with a standard GoldCoders template. Admin didn’t spend money on a quality template. I checked deposit statistics: the investors despite this HYIP with money up to redesign on November 17, 2019. Until this date, we could only see lonely deposits, maybe from […]