Main Facts About High Yield Investment Programs

As you are all aware, nothing’s more distressing than steady but little income. And even if we assume that your earnings is more than average, any life savings have main weakness — they invariably are being devalued in the long term. Protecting the savings from inflationary risks can be achieved only in two paths — to work additional hours and earn more income while risking to evolve into a work horse, or to put up the money in high-yield investment projects.
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How to Find Paying HYIP Projects? HYIP Monitors

So, you want to open deposit in online investment project. First things first, you need to try to find the HYIP project listing status on several monitors, special online services, that are tracking the actual solvency of nearly all paying investment projects.

On HYIP monitors you can obtain not only info on the date of the last payout, but you can see domain and technical details about the investment project but also view reviews of current online depositors.

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The Essence of HYIPs: Main Features and Working Principles

So what exactly is HYIP? It’s simple: High Yield Investment Program is a high-profitable online project. The bright title masks the old trivial Ponzi schemes, operating according to the principle of “to borrow from Peter to pay Paul”— when returns on investment of earlier HYIP depositors is formed from deposits of fresh investors.

Strictly speaking, such kind of schemes are totally legit and a very pervasive phenomenon — insurers, central banks, retirement funds are running the same way. However, if to grab a slice of cash cake from a pension fund or a bank is an especially hard and difficult task, even an amateur is able to obtain fat revenue from HYIPs.

HYIP Forums and Blogging Sites

Having visited online monitors, it would be wise to look through HYIP forums and blogging platforms. Here you’ll get access to detailed, unbiased reviews of HYIPs, data on the last payments, which are proved by screen shots, more importantly, you can even communicate directly with the HYIP admins.

100% Working Life-hack: HYIP forums & investing blogs are not only invaluable sources of info on HYIPs, but additionallya great Guides for Dummies within investment. So, if you catch a web blog of a skilled HYIPer or a cool HYIP forum, be sure to sign up.

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Pyramid Schemes at Present. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Filled with high technology, a wide range of data, the XXI century has raised deep transforming in financial sphere. Old as the hills Pyramid schemes have benefited from decentralized technology (blockchain), being presented to a simple-minded crowd in the trendy clothes — ICO.

As you well know, any ICO is a method of raising money for crypto projects, and, importantly, this method of raising investments does not have any policy environment. So it is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings is Ponzi schemes, masquerading as secure and credible fundraising projects.

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