The ABC of HYIPs

As you well know, nothing could be more demoralizing than steady but low money. Even when your earnings is more than the average, any financial assets have key shortcoming — they invariably get depreciated after some time. Protecting savings capita against inflation can only be reached by one of the 2 methods — to work more hours and make more while risking to morph into a work horse, or to make investing in High Yield Investment Programs.
If you like the second alternative, this website is what you are looking for!

Where to Find New HYIP Programs? HYIP Monitors

So, you have decided to invest in a HYIP. First things first, you need to see the HYIP project data and payment status on several monitoring services, specialized HYIP-themed sites, which keep track of the actual payment capacity of almost all paying online investment projects.

Here you can get not only info on the date & time of the recent payout, but you can get technical details on the investment project but also view feedbacks of not fake online investors.

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HYIP: Main Features and Working Principles

What is HYIP? Put it simply, HYIP is a high profitable investment website. The pretentious term is hiding the old as Adam Ponzi schemes, working by the principle of “to rob Peter to pay Paul”— when investment income of earlier depositors is created from invested funds of next scheme members.

By the way, Ponzi schemes are totally legal and widespread phenom — insurers, large banks, pension funds operate the same way. And yet, if to carve out a piece of money pie from a pension fund or a bank is a very hard and challenging task, even a novice investor can make good profit from HYIP projects.

HYIP-related Forums and Investment Blogs

Having browsed through HYIP monitors, it would be appropriate to browse through HYIP-themed forums & investment blogs. On such kind of sites you’ll get access to extensive, candid reviews of HYIP programs, information on the last payments, proved by screenshots, furthermore, you could even communicate directly with the HYIP administrator.

Practical Advice: HYIP-themed online communities and blogging platforms are not only important channel of data about HYIP projects, but additionallya perfect manual within online investment. So, if you come across a online blog of investment expert or a cool HYIP-related online community, be sure to join it.

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HYIP Forum

Ponzi Schemes in 21st Century. Initial Coin Offerings

Crammed with high-tech solutions, a vast amount of info, the 21st century has caused deep transforming in financial field. World-old Investment scam schemes have took advantage from the Blockchain, being presented to a simple-hearted public in the modern fashionable clothing — ICO.

Everyone knows, any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a method of fund-raising for crypto startups, and, most importantly, such method of fund-raising does not have any policy basis. It is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings is Ponzi schemes, masquerading as secure and credible fund-raising projects.

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