All You Should Know About High Yield Investment Programs

Everyone is aware, there’s nothing more demoralizing than permanent but small income. Even when your salary is above average, any “nest eggs” have one drawback — they slowly but steadily are being devalued with the passing of time. Hedging life savings from inflationary pressure can only be achieved in 2 pathways — to work more hours and earn more money while risking to morph into a drudge, or to invest wisely in high-yield investment projects.
If you select the second alternative, our website is what you need!

Selecting Reliable HYIP Project. How to Use Online Monitors

So, you’re about to put money in a High Yield Investment Program. The first thing to do is to check the investment program status on three or four monitoring web-sites, specialized web services which track the real payout capacity of most of the trusted HYIP projects.

On monitors you can obtain not only data about the date and the time of the most current payment, but you can see domain and technical information about the investment project but also look through comments of current online depositors.

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What are HYIPs and How They Work

What is HYIP? It’s simple: High Yield Investment Project is a high interest investment web site. The pretentious name masks the old trivial fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes working by the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul”: when income from the investment of earlier HYIP investors is taken from invested funds of new scheme members.

Actually, such schemes are absolutely legal and a very widespread phenom : insurers, large banks, retirement funds are running on the same basis. And yet, if to grab a piece of money pie from a retirement fund or a bank is a very complicated and difficult task, even an amateur could make good profit from HYIPs.

HYIP-related Online Communities & Blogging Websites

Having visited online monitors, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look through HYIP-related forums and investment blogs. Here you will find detailed, candid reviews of HYIPs, information about the most current payouts, supported by screen grabs, more importantly, you can even contact directly with the online investment project admin.

100% Working Advice: HYIP online communities and blogging sites are not only useful channel of data on online investment programs, but alsoa great guides within investing. Therefore, if you discover a blog of investment expert or large or fast growing HYIP-themed forum, be sure to register.

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Investment Scam Schemes at Present. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Packed with high-tech solutions, a significant amount of info, the XXI century has spawned significant transformation in financial field. Old as the hills Ponzi schemes have successfully took advantage from Blockchain technology, being presented to an untutored audience in the modern trendy look — Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Everyone is aware, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way of fund-raising for cryptocurrency start-ups, and, importantly, this type of raising funds does not have any normative framework. It is not surprising that the large percentage of ICOs is Pyramid schemes, disguised as “noble” fund-raising startups.

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